Bio Oil Body Oil 60ml

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Bio-Oil Body Oil improves the appearance of recent or old scars, prevents the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy and smoothes and tones the skin aging signs.

Product Type : Body Oil
Brand : Bio Oil
Net Weight : 60ml
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Bio Oil Body Oil is one of the most used products worldwide to improve scars and uneven skin tone, as well as hydrating the skin, which improves fine lines and wrinkles, tone and appearance. It also helps to restore the skin’s barrier function in order to improve moisture retention. Stretch marks are reduced in appearance, even though they will not disappear. Suitable for pregnancy and for sensitive skins.

How to use
Apply Bio-Oil Body Oil twice a day on affected areas, with circular movements, for a minimum of 3 months. Do not apply on open wounds. During pregnancy, should be used since the beginning of the second trimester. In the morning, apply a sunscreen after complete absorption of Bio-Oil Body Oil.


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