Naturel Organic Black Seed Oil 500gm

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Naturel Organic Black seed Oil is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial remedy, with several recent studies showing that Black Seed can reduce even virulent strains of Salmonella and other bacteria that are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It may also be helpful for viral illnesses. This potent oil even has a patent for its antibacterial effects, which are said to be due to its unique ingredient called thymoquinone. Black Seed Oil offers well-researched antioxidant benefits. Studies have found that Black Seed’s effects on the immune system’s natural killer cells may reduce liver infection; and in one study, cancer tumor growth was reduced by 50% due to Black Seed’s effects on immune cells. It is Black Seed’s unique ingredients called crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone that knock out invading viruses and destructive renegade molecules that may cause diseases from cancer to arthritis.


Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


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